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A Revolutionary Transport Option

Cargo E-Bikes are one of the most efficient and practical transportation options, being a sustainable alternative to fuel-intensive vehicles. With zero emissions and no associated costs, such as road tax or parking fees, these bikes can be effectively used to carry luggage, groceries, parcels, and packages. Heavy loads can also be transferred from one place to another with little effort and added convenience.

Pogo Cycles has a vast collection of various types and brands of Cargo E-Bikes for sale. Our e-bikes are well-equipped with high-powered motors and have great carrying capacities. Assisting businesses in making their luggage and parcel transfers effortless, we offer front-loading and rear-loading e-bikes.

Types and Brands of E-Bikes at Pogo Cycles

Our collection of different types of e-bikes includes but is not limited to the following:

  • PHILODO H8 Dual Motor Cargo Bike
  • Coswheel CT20 Cargo Electric Bike
  • FIIDO Titan Robust Cargo Electric Bike
  • COSWHEEL T20R Cargo Fat Tire Electric Bike
  • COSWHEEL T20 All Terrain Cargo Electric Bike
  • IIDO T1 Pro Electric Cargo Bike Version 2 2023 Edition

Explore our website to check our wide-ranging collection of e-bikes.

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Our company is fully registered, houses licenced and certified specialists, and offers e-bikes at cost-effective rates. Our electric bikes' unique designs and advanced technological features ensure a comfortable and safe ride. Contact us for further information about cargo e-bikes!

Frequently Asked Questions
What are the types of cargo e-bikes?

Mainly there are two types of cargo e-bikes, which include:

  • Front Loading Cargo E-Bikes
  • Rear Loading Cargo E-Bikes

What is a rear-loading cargo e-bike?

Rear-loading cargo e-bikes have racks behind the rider’s seat on which child seats or pannier bags can be attached for carrying large items.

What is a front-loading cargo e-bike?

Front-loading cargo e-bikes have a bucket on the front side and can be used for transporting pets or shopping parcels. These are also known as box bikes, operated via linkage or cables.

Who can ride an electric cargo bike?

An electric cargo bike can be conveniently used by males and females of all age groups, including adults, children, men, women, etc.

How fast can a cargo e-bike move?

An e-bike's speed depends entirely on the motor speed limit, terrain, quantity of load, your fitness level, and how fast you pedal it.

Can a simple e-bike be used as a cargo bike?

E-bikes with a front rack, bucket, or pannier at the front or rear can be used as cargo bikes. The bucket or rack can be used for placing laptops or shopping packages for easy transfer.

Which kind of motors are the most suitable for electric cargo bikes?

Mid-drive motors are the most preferred ones for use in electric cargo bikes as they provide more power even at lower speeds. These motors provide a robust, smooth, and pleasurable ride experience, compatible with all gearing systems, such as hub gears.

Why are e-bikes considered to be environmentally friendly?

E-bikes are considered eco-friendly compared to other vehicles because of zero emissions, no tailpipe emissions, no noise, and less pollution.