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ADO stands for A Dece Oasis, meaning Oasis in the Desert,which is inspired by Crescent Lake – a diamond on the Silk Road and a bridge linking the East and the West. It has been flowing for thousands of years in the desert. People had a huge challenge when crossing the desert and Crescent Lake empowered them with hope and energy to overcome the challenge.

1. Be a solid commuter partner in urban life to provide people around the world with extraordinary riding experiences during daily commuting by creating electric bikes, electric scooters, and accessories.

Our user-friendly mindset and practice, world-class materials and functional technology are what make us different. ADO supports our users with ultimate performance possibilities in everyday life.

2. Unlock possibilities for life

We always stay close to our users and partners to know what they are passionate about, how they live their lives and support them to better achieve their goals. Our vision is to enable users to better release their life potential by creating an electric cycling community full of love and growth.

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