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Amazing bike

Ordered 2 ado and himo bikes from pogo. Both are just superb. My neighbours are also thinking of buying

Very good bike.

Love the bike. Enjoyed riding. Pogo is amazing

So im thinking of ordering the scooter I just have 1 question does it come with the seat

Yes it does

The description said it was designed by Porsche, the boxster team I suppose. From the pics looks sturdy, is not. Flimsy plastic all over. Installing the brake and calibration it’s a bit of a hassle. The mud guard is too short, so best not going over 10 kmh in wet surfaces or you’ll get wet. It’s rear powered and feels good in that sense. It doesn’t have suspension but the tyres make up for it, very smooth riding.

AOVOPRO KES1 Kids Electric Scooter

Super Bike

Hele solide fiets. Kan zonder ondersteuning ook best fietsen. Met ondersteuning is fantastisch. Was zo in elkaar gezet. Als je meetrapt kun je er makkelijk 70 kilometer mee rijden. Geen aanlopende schijfremmen,komt zeer goed assembled aan in de doos. Ik ben zeer tevreden over Pogo en de fiets

Trust worthy

Tracking of the bike was difficult but pogo was very fast to let me know what to expect. Bike arrived in 10 work days as promised. The Ado 20 F was in perfect condition. Assembled in 15 minutes (woman 55 years). Even without assistence the bike drives well. I replaced the sadle for a beter and softer. Top friend saw it and wanted also such a bike. She is from India very little so I advised the Engwe C 20 pro to her...I ordered this one also at Pogo and received it in 4 workdays very fast. Ado 20 F is more solid than Engwe C20 Pro ...but looks nice and is more compatible when you are little.

Bezior XF001
Avis Bézior XF001

Sur le site, la photo du vélo avait la selle et les poignées marron ce qui n’était pas le cas en ouvrant le colis (noire). Pas de facture papier dans le carton. Livraison rapide pour la France, 1 semaine et suivi sérieux. Content de mon achat.

Lankeleisi RV 800

Malgré une livraison compliquée suite à la perte de mon colis tout est revenu dans l'ordre rapidement grâce à une équipe très professionnel et réactive.

FAFREES Hailong One Mountain electric Bike

Great bike and great service from Pogo Cycles

Bon vélo, agréable

Le vélo est confortable, guidon et selle réglables parfaitement. J'ai installé une potence réglable sur le guidon pour ma femme qui mesure 1,51 m et tout va bien. J'ai réalisé un parcours de 32 kms en pédalant en assistance 2, la batterie est a 80%. En assistance 3 et au delà on pedale dans le vide, mais l'assistance 2 est bien pour rouler à 23-25 km/h sans efforts. En assistance 5 le vélo monte a 42 km/h et la batterie dure entre 35 et 45 kms. Au sujet de la batterie j'ai choisi une 17 AH au lieu de 15 AH, mais je ne vois pas de différence avec une 15 AH sur les vidéos youtube d'utilisateurs. Dommage qu'on ne sache pas qu'elles sont les cellules de la batteries : marque samsung ou autre, et classe A...? Je compte acheter une 2eme batterie, mais ou ? En conlusion : un très bon rapport qualité prix, vélo très agréable pour moi (1,86 m, 80 kgs) et ma femme (1,51 m et 50 kilogs)

ELEGLIDE T1 Electric Bike
Sandrine Corcoran
Good electric bike

ELEGLIDE T1 Electric Bike is as per expectation. It was a little bit tricky to assemble (such as adjusting the brakes), but I guess this would be for any bike needed assembling. I don't have much experience with electric bike except from trying other people electric bikes. The ELEGLIDE T1 Electric Bike is similar, as good as any other electric bikes I would have tested and it was good value for money when comparing with what is on the market. This is my first first electric bike and I'm happy with it. Thank you.

Kugoo m4pro

I like it, it's very solid. But having owned the previous model and the m4 (non pro)
I think the handle bars and seat are a little close together and the breaks are very sharp, probably too much so, but its a great scooter, fast, solid and durable. Would highly recommend and pogo are awesome to deal with.. the guy never sleeps, send him a message at 3 in the morning and he responds.. my hat is off to these guys who running excellent business...

Engwe Engine Pro (Upgraded Version)

Eleglide T1

Needed some help assembling bike, but very happy with it so far. Great bike for this price.


Amazing job delivery fast but I thought it was coming From Dublin

Sir thanks for your review. please let us know how can we get the 5th star from you. we mention everywhere that we deliver in 7-10 working days :)

Great Bike

The bike comes very well packed and 99% assembled, just need to unfold and put the pedals. it is very easy to ride, comfortable and fast.
The pump under the seat is a very clever idea.
I recommend the bike but the delivery takes very long.
Also if you want to buy it using bike to work scheme I recommend to get a quote to all bikes you are interested in because there is a "Fee" and it is different depending on the price and model. It is also recommended to chat with them on WhatsApp to check if they have the bike in stock before buying.

Kugoo M4

Excellent machine cuts commute to and form work from 1h to 15minutes..
Excellent value for money too 🎈👍 thanks


I love my bike took it out for the first time last weekend and really enjoyed my journey looking forward to taking it out again.

Great Bike

Great bike. Very reassuringly sturdy and solid on the road. Where I live is quite hilly so I’m using the throttle quite a bit. I’m getting about 8 hours from the battery if I use the bike on hills but as long as I charge up regularly it’s no problem. I had to put a rear light on myself since it only comes with a rear brake light. It’d be helpful to have an integrated rear light. The rear rack is too thick to accommodate the hooks on my older panniers but that’s why the rack is very sturdy too. I can buy new panniers to suit the rack. Everything about the H8 is solid. The frame, tyres, braking etc. Assembly is relatively straightforward but I’d recommend using your own spanners and tools instead of the multi-spanner provided. Delivery was 8 days from order so not bad. Very happy with my purchase to date. My only question: should I worry about a replacement battery in the future?

awesome, fast, strong and small

BOGIST C1 PRO Electric Scooter- Exclusive 2022 Edition

Great Product

Very happy

Robert Kudra

great bike, only it could have better equipment when it comes to brakes, and that's ok