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The awareness of carbon emissions and busy schedules have propelled the popularity of folding e-bikes. Pogo Cycles leads the folding e-bikes market by bringing in advanced technology and designs of cycles that are registered as street legal.

If you commute regularly and require a portable, easy-to-store bike, our folding electric bike is what you need. They are an ideal pick if you are away on a holiday and wish to carry it in your car boot or train.

Our company offers the best folding electric bikes of various types and brands, which are for sale at discounted prices.

Frequently Asked Questions
What is the average weight of a folding electric bike?
The average weight of a folding electric bike is around 33 to 40 pounds.

Do electric folding bikes work well with every terrain?
The durability of electric folding cycles on different terrains depends on the brand chosen. Some brands, such as Airwheel E3 or E6, may work well on plain roads, while others, such as Bezior X1500 or X Plus, are designed for rough terrains.

What are foldable electric bikes used for?
They are mainly used for urban commuting by both males and females, such as travel to an office or store; it is a cost-efficient way to explore the city. Most adults also use them as their mountain adventure buddies.

Who is allowed to ride folding electric bikes?
Our company offers electric folding bikes for men and women of every age, and they are allowed to ride them on streets and mountains. However, riding an electric folding bike is illegal for children under 14.

Is there any health benefit of riding an electric bike?
The typical misunderstanding attached to electric bikes is it has no health benefits, which is wrong. They are the best option for people cycling for a break, and they also encourage you to ride further than your regular bicycles.

What are the advantages of using an electric folding bike?
There are several benefits of electric folding bikes, such as:
β€’ Low carbon footprint
β€’ Cos-efficiency
β€’ Easy to store
β€’ Assistance in pedalling
β€’ Various health benefits

What is the average distance an electric folding bike covers on a single charge?
It mainly depends on your chosen electric bike type and brand. However, the average foldable electric bike can cover a distance of around 20 to 60 miles on a single charge.

Are folding electric bikes a good choice for older people?
Yes, they are quite a better option for older people who love riding bikes. They can assist in pedalling, requiring less effort from the rider while going uphill or against the wind.