Bike To Work Scheme

The Bike to Work Scheme scheme is to encourage more employees to cycle to and from work, or between workplaces. Learn more about these bike scheme

To generate a quote, add the product to your cart and select the bike to work from the payment option. For detailed instruction, use the images at the bottom of the page

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Please note cycle to work quotes would have additional taxes.
To Generate a quote, Follow these steps :-
1) Add the product to your cart
2) Go to your cart.
3) Go to bottom of the page and click on "Request a quote"
4) Fill in the details
5) You will have a quote in your email
6) Submit the quote to your HR
Detailed instructions with images below 
Reach out to our support team in case of questions


How much can I save? 

Total Savings estimate

Bike Cost (1600) (1500 max)

Bike Cost (1200)

Bike Cost (800)
Tax rate 20% Tax rate 40% Tax rate 20% Tax rate 40% Tax rate 20% Tax rate 40%
€360 €780 €288 €624 €192 €416


What is the purpose of the scheme? 

The purpose of the scheme is to encourage more employees to cycle to and from work, or between work places, thereby contributing to lowering carbon emissions, reducing traffic congestion and improving health and fitness levels.

How do I pay for the bicycle?

Usually your employer pays the supplier for the bicycle and sets up a ‘salary sacrifice’ arrangement from your salary over an agreed time frame (which cannot be more than 12 months). This generally means that you visit the shop, select the equipment you wish to buy and have the shop invoice your employer directly for the cost. Note that the tax exemption does not apply if you pay for the bicycle and are reimbursed by your employer – they must pay for the bicycle.

The repayment for the bicycle and equipment is then deducted from your gross salary (this means before income tax, PRSI, pension levies or Universal Social Charge are deducted). These deductions can be made weekly, fortnightly or monthly depending on your salary payment arrangement. Your employer can also buy the bicycle on your behalf and not require you to pay for it.

How often can I use the scheme?

You can only avail of the scheme once in a four-year period. This applies even if you do not purchase equipment up to the €1,500 limit. The tax year in which the bicycle or equipment is provided counts as the first year.

Qualifying journeys

You must use the bicycle and safety equipment mainly for qualifying journeys. This means the whole or part (for example between home and train station) of a journey between your home and your normal place of work. Employers do not have to monitor this but you will be asked to sign a statement saying that the bicycle is for your own use and will be mainly used for qualifying journeys.



STEP - 1

 Click on "Add to Cart" Button in order to select your bike for quote request. This action will add the selected item in the cart.You can similarly choose accessories you like.



STEP - 2


After selecting the bike and accessories, you can move to Cart Page by clicking "View Cart" button  or you can click the cart icon button on the top screen.



STEP - 3

Once you come to the My Cart page, you will have “Request a quote”.  option at bottom of the page. Click on that button to open the “Request Quote” form



STEP - 4

You need to fill all required information to get quick quote from us. Fill your name, e-mail, phone and employer details, which are necessary to generate the quote.



STEP - 5

Once you fill all the details, click on “Submit Quote” button.



STEP - 6

You will get the quote request number form the system for your reference regarding Bike to Work Quote



STEP - 7

Open your inbox to view the mail from Pogo Please do check your spam or promotion tab if you haven't received it.ou will find the pdf file attachment in the mail named with “Biketowork_Quote”.Please do check your spam or promotion tab if you haven't received it.



STEP - 8

Open the attachment to view the quote

Please submit this quote to your employer, once they pay us you get your bike delivered in 7 -10 working days.