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Popular e-bike list

E-Bikes List That Will Bring More Fun To Local Living

Since ebikes first appeared on the market some 20 years ago, their appeal has only increased as more people explore for healthier and greener alternatives to driving to work. These power-assisted e-scooter are now lighter and have a greater range thanks to advancements in battery technology.

In addition to being suitable for commuting cycles, ebike technology is also suitable for road bikes and mountain bikes because batteries and motors have shrunk and can now fit into sleeker-looking bike frames.

Originally intended primarily for commuting, ebikes are increasingly seen in all types of biking. High-performance e-mountain bikes like the FIIDO e-bike, KUGOO, Engwe, Bezior, Gogobest many more allow mountain bikers to travel deeper into the woods than ever before, while racing bikes let average road cyclists keep up with more experienced riders. Ebikes are made by major manufacturers like Large, Specialised, and Trek.

Why do people think bringing an e-bike to your home makes your life more fun? Buying an electric bike will be more than a little overwhelming with the variety of models and styles available.

By outlining the factors you should take into consideration when buying an ebike and assessing some of the top models on the market, this article aims to make the process easier and if this article is really helpful for you, share this article with your beloved ones. We even match competitors' sale prices with the best price guarantee. check below link-



The Most Exciting Electric Bikes That Will Bring More Fun To Local Living Are As Follows:


  • FIIDO D4S Electric Folding Bike (mudguard and light)

FIIDO D4S: Long-distance riding is not an easy option to make, but with D4S, whose frame was developed with an emphasis on ergonomics, a great cycling experience will not be simply a passing comment because Fiido always prioritises users' comfort. Its 250W wheel motor offers a top speed of 25 km/h and a top gradient of 30 degrees. Check electric cycles

LITHIUM BATTERY WITH HIGH POWER: The 18650 power lithium battery from Fiido, which has a 36V voltage and 10.4Ah capacity, achieves an energy conversion efficiency of 85%, laying the groundwork for an electric moped range of up to 80 KM.


  • FIIDO D2S Electric Bike with mudguard and light - Pre Order

Motor 250W: Maximum 25 km/h speed and maximum 25 degree gradient are provided by a 250 W motor.

Rubber Inflatable Tire: 16-inch inflated rubber tyres for a variety of surfaces, and additional rear shock absorbers for improved ride comfort.

Folding Style: Folding design for easy transport.

Background of FIIDO E-Bike

In 2017, the first FIIDO e-bike was created and attracted a lot of attention. They want to give bikers better delightful riding experiences in addition to more effective commuting options.

Under the premise of being incredibly lightweight, every independently developed and built electric bicycle maintains the form and sporting characteristics of traditional bicycles. Given the functionality of their products, the majority of e-bikes come with a safer Lithium removable concealed battery.

Additionally, the configuration of FIIDO e-bikes' assistor, brushless gear motor, effective vector controller, and 7-speed gear ensures reliable performance. When it comes to mobility, the majority of e-bikes are folding and simple to carry, which unquestionably increases convenience when setting out on a lengthy journey.


  • Kugoo Kirin M4 Pro eScooter- Edition 2022(18Ah battery)

10" pneumatic/anti-slip tyres: Reliable, sturdy, and safe. It is best for various types of roads.

500W Motor: Powerful and Capable of Running at 40-45 km/h. Engage in a front LED light and a safety warning taillight to make riding at night more secure.

Shock Mitigation System: The ability to ride comfortably is provided by a dual shock mitigation system.

Folding Handle: Enables a more compact folding of the scooter.


  • Kugoo Kirin M4 Electric Scooter

Strong Grip, Wear-resisting, and Safe 10" Anti-Skid Tire. It is good for various types of roads.

Up to 45 KM/H - 15 KM/H, 30 KM/H, and 45 KM/H 3 variable speed settings.

Luxury 500W Motor: 500W motor, max. 45km; strong power; longer running distance.

Front LED Light and Safety Alert To ensure your nighttime riding safety, use a bright red taillight.

Thanks to dual shock absorption, the "New Generation Suspension System" enables you to travel farther on all kinds of terrain.

About KUGOO:

A group of professionals in the field of e-scooters formed KUGOO in 2015. Aiming to protect the environment and assist millions of people in commuting in a fresh, new way, KUGOO introduced its first bestselling "Cool Green'' electric scooter in response to the challenge posed by the rising number of vehicles emitting harmful substances that have an adverse impact on the environment.

KUGOO is expanding quickly thanks to our efforts and client confidence. We developed KIRIN, which is developed concurrently with the KUGOO for different markets, in order to build a good market segmentation, serve clients well, and generate better products.


Pogo Cycles :

It is not difficult to identify instances of businesses raising prices despite extremely challenging circumstances. Unfortunately, over the past year, many e-bike manufacturers have increased costs multiple times.

However, we consider that our customers are the ones who owe us the most. We will definitely do so if there is a chance to provide them more if we can! Along with that we provide different payment methods as per convenience of the customer. We also provide warranty on our products. Please check the link below.


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