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WEST BIKING 2.8" Large Screen Bicycle Computer Wireless Wired Bike Computer Waterproof Speedometer Odometer Cycling Stopwatch

WEST BIKING 2.8" Large Screen Bicycle Computer Wireless Wired Bike Computer Waterproof Speedometer Odometer Cycling Stopwatch

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Stopwatch and Accessories: Temperature Testing Stopwatch

Rainproof Bicycle Speedometer: Bike Speedometer

Origin: Mainland China

Model Number: YP0702029/YP0702037-38/YP0702057

Cycling Computer Colors: Black

Cycling Computer: 2.8" Large Screen Bicycle Computer

Brand Name: West Biking

Bike Computer package kind 1: Wireless Computer

Bike Computer package kind 2: Wired Computer

Bike Computer Function: 20 Function , Please see details

Bicycle Computer Features: Large screen, multi-function, waterproof, strong installation

2.8" Large Screen Bike Computer: Rainproof Speedometer

Multifunctional Bike Wireless Wired Computer 5 Styles Aailable A Extension Wirelss / A Extension Wired / B Handlebar Wireless / B Handlebar Wired / C Extension Wireless Button User Manual


KM/hr/(M/hr) Selectable

After battery install,Setting KM or M,the default value is km/hour Press the SET bution to select the KM/hr(M/hr)

Press the MODE button to confirm and enter into setting tyre circumference and ODO mode.


Wheel I perimeter setting. the sceeen shows 2060(perimeter is 2060 mm).Setting the flashing number from right to left, press SET bution to change the number and press MODE button to confirm.

Method 1: Follow the right Table Wheel spec chart to select the perimeter,press the SET button to change the value, press MODE to confirm,from right to let to set the value.

You can also measure it by yourself by the following ways:

Method 2.

First make a mark on the ground when the nozzle is on the below.Then make the wheels run once the gas nozzle on the below again please mark. And measure the distance between the two marks you can get your wheel perimeter. if the distance is 1615 then you should input 1615.

Method 3.Measure the diameter and muttiply 3.14 to get the perimeser.)the result is 1615 mefer,then you should input 1615.


Weight setting

1 The default value is 65 kg.the screen shows K065 and "K"fashing.

choose Kilogram K or Pound L then setting the value,Press SET button to choose and press MODE button to confirm.

2 Press the MODE button to confirm and enter the Bicyecle Maintenance setting mode.


Bicycle Maintenance setting

1 Bicycle l Maintenance setting, the screen shows 0200,setting from right to left.Press SET button to change the flashing number and press MODE button to confirm.

2 Bicycle ll Maintenance setting, screen shows 0800, setting from right to left.Press SET button to change the flashing number and press MODE button to confirm.(Tips: From the last setting or last instalil the battery, when the ODO adding value reaches the set value, the board hand symbol will flashing. press the MODE button 3s to cancel )


ODO,CLOCK and TEM unit Seting (The left button is the mode button, press it to convert mode, and the right button is the setting button)

Under ODO-TEM-CLOCK Mode,press SET button ODO flashing,press Set button again TEM flashing,press SET button again CLOCK icon flashing.

when ODO flashing,press SET button for 3 seconds to set ODO valve.Press the SET button change the number ,press MODE button to confirm it,set from right to left.

when TEM flashing,press SET button for 3 seconds to set the temperature SET button to change ℃/F,press the mode button to confirm.

when CLOCK icon flashing,press SET button for 3 seconds to set ODO valve.Press the SET button change time number ,press MODE button to confirm it,set from right to left.

Press SET button to change number,press MODE button to confirm it.


DST,AVS,MXS,TM,CAL and FAT clear to zero

Under DST-CAL - TM or DST-FAT- SW mode, press SET button for 5 seconds to clear DST,AVS,MXS, TM,CAL and FAT value to zero.


Memory function

Al cycling and seting data will be kept ater changing a batery.Bocause of this, the computer haven't cleared to zero before sending to you.


stop watch

Under DST-FAT- SW mode, press SET buton to start Stop watch press again to pause,then press MODE button to clear to zero.When stop watch is still working you can press MODE butlon it will go to ODO-TEM-CLOCK Mode;when you back to DST-FAT-SW mode you can pause and clear i to ranges from 0.00.00 to 9.59.59.


current speed

Screen will show current speed only when you are riding.Precision is 0.1KMh.Range at 0-99.9 KMh.

Screen shows MXS or AVS wthen you are not niding


Speed tendency

screen will show a tendency when you are riding Speed goes high.Speed down , it goes short


Auto off

After 300 seccnds no signal inputs the computer, the screen will turn into OFF state with only clock and date display. it will be restart when you press any button.


Two Bicycle Ⅰ /Ⅱ using

Under any mode press MODE buton for 6 seconds to change to another bicycle mode.


Low power indicator

Once the batlery voltage decreases to 2.5 v,the blank batery icon will be flashing on screen,that reminds you to change a new battery.



Press both MODE and SET button for 6 seconds to reset KM/M. wheel perimeter weight/maintenance



During 17:00-07 :00,sceeen will be llighted up for 4 seconds when you press any key.But if you want the screen always lighting at any time, press both SET and MOOE button for 1 seconds to keep the screen always lighting up.Press SET and MO0E bufton for 1 seconds again to cancel .

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*Accesories shown in the pictures may be optional or available to buy seperately

After brexit most items come with 2 pin plug as UK stock can't be shipped to Ireland anymore . We try to send adapter but sometimes it doesn't come. We will reimburse upto 5 euros for the same.

*Product specifications like battery are directly mentioned by manufacturers and they are under optimum test conditions, they may vary with external factors like weight ,speed, wind and road conditions 

Law:- Its completely legal to buy, sell and own an e-scooter in Ireland. At the moment, privately-owned electric scooters are illegal to use on the public highway in Ireland & the UK. However they can be ridden on private land.Check local country laws before purchase 

Customer Reviews

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Joe Dinelli
Great service

Item came within a week, well packaged everything came as intended,highly recommend


Prodotto di qualità e ottimo servizio da parte vostra

Garrett Delaney
Super fast

Would highly recommend Pogo cycles shipment was super quick kept me informed every step of the way 5 stars

Eamonn egan
Engwe pro ep 2

Very satisfied with the bike.I purchased a policy for repair shop support but where in wexford town ireland is there one of these shops.

Robert Keane
Best Service & Value for money Ever

I bought the GOGOBEST 600 Green Black I have it 10 days and I use it for work I have 450 km on it already and it is the best Investment I have ever made not alone value for money but also the exercise which you do get without the strain.
The Bike took me 10-12 mins to assemble and once you follow the easy to read instructions you can’t go wrong.
The bike came with everything even the Mud Flaps which I thought were an extra and also a cable Key lock that has a holder that fixes to the bike.
If I could gicve POGO Cycles 10 out of 5 I would and I am sure you will be seeing a lot of purchases for Waterford Ireland.
Thanks again Team POGO you outdone yourselves take a Bow..👏👏🏽👏🏿