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The sporty look, dropped handlebar, and lighter frame of gravel bikes make them a perfect fit for your off-road and rough terrain adventures. Stepping forward in the modern era, electric gravel bikes present all the features and benefits of traditional gravel bikes with many added benefits. They make your ride more comfortable and less hectic with their amazing features. Visit our catalogue of gravel e-bikes, select the perfect bike that suits your needs, and experience an unprecedented ride that will change your concepts of a bike ride forever.

Our E-Gravel Bikes Range

FIIDO E-Gravel C21/C22

Equipped with automatic power adjustment technology, it is extremely lightweight and provides up to 80 km of range. It also offers dust and water resistance, and IP-67 rated hydraulic brake.

Schwinn Scree Gravel M 700C Black

Featuring an extremely lightweight aluminium frame and upright geometry, this e-bike is equipped with 45mm gravel tyres and mechanical disc brakes to provide a comfortable ride.

Schwinn Scree Gravel L 700C Black

Suitable for both on- and off-road adventures, it comes with 45mm gravel tyres and mechanical disc brakes even in damp conditions.

Schwinn Scree Gravel Small 700C Black

Adorned with a traditional drop handlebar to provide more stability and control, this bike is manufactured with an ultra-lightweight and sturdy aluminium frame.

Coyote X Granite Gents Gravel Bike

Offering durability and a lightweight alloy frame and handlebar, Coyote X Granite comes with radius mechanical brakes and 27.5” black gravel tyres.

Huffy Carom Men 27.5 Hybrid Hardtail Gravel Bike

Designed to provide easy control and comfort on off-road tracks, it is equipped with 14-speed Shimano gearing and rigid disk frameset.

Choose the Right E-Gravel Bike

You must consider the following factors before choosing your gravel e-bike:

  • Where do you want to ride?
  • What is your experience?
  • How fast you want to go?
  • What is your budget?

Blend Innovation with Your Off-Road Adventures

Pogo Cycles has decorated its catalogue with the top-notch gravel e-bike companies in Ireland. We are a registered and licenced dealer providing a wide range of e-bikes along with their accessories and spare parts. Explore our gravel e-bikes today to get an elevated and re-defining riding experience.

Frequently Asked Questions
What are gravel e-bikes?

Gravel e-bikes are electric variants of traditional gravel bikes. These bikes feature low handlebars, lightweight frames and low gearing to provide stability during an off-road ride.

What are the benefits of choosing e-bikes?

E-bikes offer many benefits, such as:

  • Versatile range of selection.
  • Speed and style.
  • Reduced muscle fatigue.
  • Eco-friendliness.
  • Low running cost.

Are gravel e-bikes safe to use for females and children?

Most e-gravel bikes are suitable for adult men and women to use. However, children of inappropriate age should not be allowed to ride them as they can injure themselves and may cause damage to others as well.