E-bikes have come a long way on the evolution graph over the years. Modern e-bikes are equipped with state-of-the-art features that guarantee a safe and joyful riding experience for those who try them. That is why they have become a popular choice, especially for city commutes.

If you are looking for an exciting and unprecedented riding experience, then these road e-bikes are for you. Explore our range of e-bikes specifically designed to elevate your bike riding to a whole new level.

Choose the Right Type and Brand of Road E-Bike

Numerous factors need to be considered while choosing a road e-bike for yourself. These factors include:

  • How do you plan to ride.
  • What is your experience level.
  • How fast you want to ride.
  • How far you want to go.
  • What is your budget.

Our Selection Range

Fafrees F1-28C Electric Bike

Featuring a classic triangular frame, Fafrees F1-28C is specially designed for city commutes and recreational rides. It is a lightweight and aerodynamic bike ensuring high efficiency and range for you to enjoy. It is available in multiple colours and a 3-in-1 saddle design to meet your unique preferences.

Engwe T14 Folding Electric Bike

Adorned with triple shock absorbers and sleek lines to provide a beautiful appearance, Engwe T14 lets you ride through the city in style. It is equipped with a 250W brushless motor and mechanical disc brakes to provide a smooth riding experience.

Benefits of Road E-Bikes

E-bikes have numerous benefits, such as:

  • They are faster and offer a versatile selection range.
  • They help you improve your fitness level.
  • They reduce muscle fatigue.
  • They are eco-friendly and produce zero emissions.
  • E-bikes are equipped with cutting-edge features.
  • These bikes present a stylish and graceful look.
  • E-bikes are highly cost-effective.

Elevate Your Riding Experience with Our Road E-Bikes

Pogo Cycles is among the most trusted dealers and service providers in Ireland. Our vast catalogue consists of only the top-notch e-bikes for sale that offer a superior experience with style. Explore our catalogue to find the best-suited road e-bike for yourself today.

Frequently Asked Questions
Should I be worried if my e-bike gets wet?

E-bikes come with a reasonable water resistance feature, preventing water penetration during rain. However, we recommended to avoid using it during heavy rains or urban floods.

How fast can an e-bike go?

Different e-bikes offer different top speeds based on their class and manufacturer. However, Class 3 bikes are the fastest and can reach up to 45 km/h.

How does the pedal assist work?

E-bikes are equipped with different sensors that sense the torque and rotation speed of the wheel to assess the amount of force you are exerting. These sensors send a message to the motor to produce torque and assist you with the ride. However, keep in mind that pedal assist does not take over completely. Rather, it produces torque to assist you only. The faster you pedal, the more torque it will create.

Where is the motor located on a road e-bike?

The motor on road e-bikes is generally located in the rear hub or in between the cranks.

Do you provide spare parts and accessories?

Yes, we are the registered and licenced dealers that provide accessories and spare parts for various top e-bike companies in Ireland.

Are electric road bikes safe to use for women and children?

Road e-bikes come in different shapes, weights and specifications to make them suitable for adult males and females. However, we do not recommend you let your children ride these bikes as they may harm themselves severely.

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