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Engwe-akku EP-2 | EP-2 Pro | Engine Pro - Pogo Cycles Ennakkotilaa

Engwe-akku EP-2 | EP-2 Pro | Engine Pro - Pogo Cycles Ennakkotilaa

Normaalihinta $330.00 USD
Normaalihinta $474.00 USD Myyntihinta $330.00 USD
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Akku 12,8 Ah EP2:lle

13 Ah EP2:lle päivitetty

16Ah Engine pro


13Ah/16Ah ovat yhteensopivia, 12,8Ah ei ole



48 V:n 12,8 Ah:n luotettava, suuritiheyksinen irrotettava litiumakku varmistaa sähköjärjestelmän turvallisuuden.

Noin 5 tuntia. Yhden latauksen teho voi tarjota jopa 35-40 mailia lisäajoa.

Runkoon piilotettu akku voidaan lukita, ottaa pois ja ladata kotona ja toimistossa.


  • Sähköpyörän akku vastaa vain EP-2/EP-2 PROENGINR PRO sähköpyörää.
  • Sähköpyörän akku tulee ladata välittömästi, ehdotettu latausjännite 54,6 V, lataus on valmis, kun punainen valo ei pala ja vihreä valo palaa.
  • Älä ylityhjennä akkua, ylipurkaus vahingoittaa akkua pahasti, purkausjännite ei saa olla alle 39 V.
  • Jos sähkömäärää menee hukkaan varastoinnin ja kuljetuksen aikana, akku tulee ladata ennen käyttöä.


  • 1 vuoden kattavuus sähkökomponenteille.
  • 1 vuoden kattavuus mekaanisille komponenteille.

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*Accesories shown in the pictures may be optional or available to buy seperately

*All bikes are water resistant. For extra protection, do cover your screens with plastic sheet to avoid water ingress when driving in rain

After brexit most items come with 2 pin plug as UK stock can't be shipped to Ireland anymore . We try to send adapter but sometimes it doesn't come. We will reimburse upto 5 euros for the same.

*Product specifications like battery are directly mentioned by manufacturers and they are under optimum test conditions, they may vary with external factors like weight ,speed, wind and road conditions 

Law:- Its completely legal to buy, sell and own an e-scooter in Ireland. At the moment, privately-owned electric scooters are illegal to use on the public highway in Ireland & the UK. However they can be ridden on private land.Check local country laws before purchase 

Customer Reviews

Based on 122 reviews
Sheikh Ziaul Haque
Key placement

The placement of key is very tedious job.

Sir we sidnt design the bike.. please rate our services?

Dragan Jurko
Good bike

great bike, small complaint, I ordered black, got gray, but the bike is a beast, thanks

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Anthony Twomey
Engwe engine pro

Ordered two engwe engine pro 1000watt 16ah bike together
First bike I received within a week
Got a bit nervous that the two bikes where not delivered together so I contacted pogo cycles threw email and the delivery agent DPD and within another week the second bike was delivered
Both bikes boxed up very well and very easy to assemble
Very happy with the service overall

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Sammy Masendo
Great bike

So far so good lovely and fast.

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Ebenezer kwadwo kyeremeh

When I receive it it is too small for adult to use so we need to change it has become a problem with me and the company so that is the comments I can give thank you